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Network thinking

Some while ago I read a book that demonstrated something about how different people think. The book showed that at least 90% of people, when working out a problem, would create a list, with indents and subindents, etc. This was true even if the native language was Arabic or some other non-English alphabet. Same format.

A much smaller group created notesheets that wandered in circles, included pictures and arrows, and generally looked like total disarray. Michaelangelo was among that group.

I see that real network thinking is a process of bringing in information from apparently random sources to re-organize it in a new way to create a new entity — solution, poetry, piece of art, invention, whatever. Not all people think in this way.

But I believe that this thought process can end up looking like genius when it has access to enough dots to connect, so that finally, the connected dots make sense and innovation happens.

  • Kashif Pasta

    Agreed. I’ve always had the most learning/fun with the connections I make *between* two bits of information, not necessarily with the information itself. 

    • Saad Malik

      Do you use any mind mapping tools or just pencil/paper? is great for making lists, but I haven’t been able to find something equivalent (in terms of minimalism) for mind mapping. I find any app that’s bloated with features to be discouraging to use.