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My Birthday Wish

UPDATE: Thanks to you guys, we raised over $1,300! 🙂

I’m lucky that I’ve never been one for “stuff.” And birthday parties are cool, but it’s not the gifts I ever cared about, it’s my friends.

I’m so fortunate to know great people and that’s why this year I want to get everyone involved to do something really awesome for my 20th birthday.

A few months ago, my friend told me about a nonprofit social services organization he was starting called Smile. Their mission is to uplift and transform downtrodden communities through a food pantry, health clinic and a broad range of social services programs. Smile has provided a monthly food pantry service in the Paterson/Passaic community since 2008 which has distributed over 1,200 bags of food to low income and under privileged communities.

Recently, they launched a campaign called Smile Somalia, where they will donate $1 towards orphans in Somalia for every picture of a smile posted on their Facebook wall.

Take a look at some of these scary stats:

  • An estimated 29,000 children under the age of five have died in Somalia over the past three months.
  • An estimated 640,000 children are acutely malnourished.
  • An estimated 740,000 might die of famine this year.

This year, for my 20th birthday, I’m asking everyone to donate to Smile with me.

As I’m turning 20 years old, I’m asking for $20 (more if you can, less + lots of promotion if you can’t) from everyone I know. And all of it is going to benefit the orphans in Somalia. I’ve set a goal of $2,150. If we hit that, we’ll be able to support 50 orphans for one month! 50 orphans!!

I want to make my birthday matter this year and I want to do it with the help of all of you. Thanks so much for participating.

You can find my fundraiser page here:

Lots of love.

P.S. My birthday is October 4, just a few days away. Let’s do it people!