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Elon Musk is changing the world

There’s a lot of talk about changing the world. Musk is doing it.

He is, in fact, changing the world, driving change in the directions he wants to see things move. He’s being as audacious as hell about it, and he’s actually pulling it off.

That’s a personal trait, and it’s absolutely worth admiring and attempting to emulate.

He may not be the one actually engineering the rockets or the cars, but he’s shaping the visions and driving them forward, and most crucially — he’s making it happen.

Anyone with any sort of vision knows how hard that is to do. The visionary is the catalyst that brings everyone together and makes the accomplishment possible in the first place. This is why personality cults (in this context) are appropriate, in my opinion. Without Jobs, we would not have Apple today. Without Musk, we would not have Paypal, Tesla, or SpaceX.

The thing with visionaries that sets them apart from other people is that they are one of a kind. Whereas the vast majority of their team consists of people that, for the most part, are expendable. You can always find more engineers or product people or salesmen. You cannot find more Jobs or Musks.

  • Ulisses

    Musk is “the one actually engineering
    the rockets”, as he is the lead engineer of the rockets at Space X. That
    is, in my opinion, what makes the difference between his company and the other
    space ones, as he knows witch direction to go to optimize and really lower the
    costs of the rockets. In his videos he said that he knows every little detail
    of the rocket making process at Space X. That is priceless! He also did coding
    in PayPal. He said himself that he is “more of a hardcore engineer”
    and that is what “fundamentally differentiates (him)
    from Jobs”, witch was “more of a design oriented kind of guy” that, I believe,
    probably didn’t go very deep in the engineering process at Apple.

    Jobs is also a one of a kind visionary though! 

    • Saad Malik

      You’re probably right. I watched a few of his interviews in which it seemed like he was more of an overseer of the projects. But Musk is an incredibly smart person — I have no doubt believing that he’s actually doing the day-to-day hands on work too.

  • Doubting Thomas

    I’ve only seen this quote on Twitter. Citation needed.