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I’ve become convinced that cancer is among the elite series of diseases that are, in many cases, just how people die, meaning that perhaps in many instances the medical term for “dying” is “cancer”. I think it is naive to ever think we’ll have a general cure, especially since “cancer” covers such a broad range of specific issues.

I understand that people die in other ways too, of course, but I think cancer is a common agent that is just how dying works. It’s like getting gray hairs — you can do things to try and stop or cover it up (and some people will get old without much graying), people can fantasize about a fountain of youth that will keep your body at age 21 forever, but the reality is that graying is just part of aging and nothing is going to change that despite any realistic effort that humans can put in. Cancer is part of dying for many, many people. It’s not going to go away despite our best efforts to mitigate its effects or eradicate it entirely.

I once read the supposed confession of a medical researcher that “cancer” as a general thing is not curable but they keep the myth alive because “cure cancer” makes a really decent slogan.

My grandmother passed away from cancer. My best friend got cancer (twice). And today, a friend’s father passed away from cancer.

  • Khuram Malik

    I know a few people that died from cancer and know others that have gotten it. I’m from a polarising view however. I dont think Cancer is the term for dying and based on how much i’ve looked into alternate health i think Cancer can be largely avoided. Cancer seems to appear when cells get repeatedly overloaded with toxins. We can make changes to our lifestyle, diet and environment to help avoid such cases in my opinion.
    If you ever get a chance i highly recommend “The beginners guide to natural living by Dr Larry Cook” amongst other similar books on the subject.

    • Saad Malik

      I agree — a change of lifestyle is a must. And thanks for the book suggestion, I’ll check it out.

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