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6 ways I [try to] diversify my life

When properly diversified,  nobody can say “no” to you anymore. Disappointments and failures become a natural part of life that you learn from, in the same way you learn from success and opportunity. Intelligence springs forward from the additional creativity. Love comes from the most blossoming part of the social tree you build for yourself.

— James Altucher

1. Upset at least one person a week with your honesty. Makes them think.

2. Try desperately to never give advice especially to someone who is pleading for it. You are not them and you cannot possibly know what is best for them so don’t try and tell them.

3. If you are as shy as I am, speak to strangers walking past. A simple hello, morning or good evening will do. Do it with a smile. Most people are shy with strangers and to them you are a stranger too (something we all forget).

4. Surprise someone who has done something nice for you with a gift right after they have done it. This one forces the mind to take stock of other people and why they are doing what they are doing.

5. Surprise someone who screws things up for you by apologizing for putting them in a position where they made a mistake. This one is hard as anger and annoyance are on hair triggers but the feeling you get knowing you have have helped someone off of the floor is fantastic.

6. Need less and have more. Which is the best, most simple, easiest and yet at the same time hardest way to diversify every aspect of your life. If you can embrace and practice need less and have more then you’ve cracked it, in my humble opinion.

It’s a work in progress.